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Harvard Business School Online

Business/Corporate Communications


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“I would put more of a focus on psychology. I think that whether anyone listening is going into sales or marketing or politics or education, or, I mean pick, pick and industry, I think really understanding psychology is extremely important.”

Career Challenge

“I had a start-up years ago, and it was for multiple years and things were going great. And at one point we had 15 employees and it was cranking. And in the region that we were in, we really positioned ourselves or our growth. And we were talking to a, VC’s and Silicon Valley’s. So there were venture capitalists, very interested in our startup from an investing perspective. And we grew too fast, too quick, and didn’t have the resources to keep up.”


Public Speaking, Leadership, Public Relations, Community Outreach, Storytelling, Strategic Planning, Sales, Public Policy, Nonprofits, Fundraising, Customer Service

Professional Interests

Story Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Harvard Business School Online, MIT, Amazon, LinkedIn, Social Media

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