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Matt Zaun is a story strategist and the founder and CEO of Matt Zaun LLC, a company that specializes in workshops, executive coaching and professional development.  It provides clients with actionable tools for storytelling strategies. Before founding his company, Matt spent a decade working in politics, and has worked with Pennsylvania state representatives Eric Roe and John Lawrence. He previously worked as a market sales coordinator and account manager for Grainger, and was the co-founder, vice president of sales and story strategist for DOES Co


  • What a storytelling strategist is (5:31)
  • What a story bank is (7:20)
  • What are the key components of a great story (16:42)
  • How storytelling plays into a job interview (21:34)
  • How Matt became a better speaker (24:10)
  • What made Matt realize the value of his ‘superpower’ (40:30)
  • How Matt learned from his struggles (44:45)

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