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Harvard University

B.A., Sociology & Government



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“You have to be your own advocate. No one is advocating for you like you will advocate for yourself… I allowed other people to make decisions about my career path and my future because I thought that I didn’t have power in that situation, but you always have power over yourself. You always have options. Always knowing that you have to look out for number one, even when you’re working in a career where you’re there, because you care about these kids that aren’t even your kids.”

Career Challenge

“I definitely had this kind of crisis of conscience where I looked at my friends around me that were all going into big three consulting firms and knew what type of paychecks they were going to be getting. And so there was a little while where I really questioned my choice towards the end of senior year when I’d already been accepted to TFA.”


Data Analysis, Teaching, Tableau, Research, Statistics, Higher Education, Political Campaigns, Strategic Planning, Community Outreach, Sharepoint, SQL , Public Speaking, Tutoring

Professional Interests

McKinsey & Company, Google Harvard University, The First Gen Network, DFW Women of Analytics Group, Harvard Varsity Club, Harvard Business School, The University of Texas at Austin

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