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Georgetown University


New York University School of Law



M.A., Political Science



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“When [you] go for interviews, be extremely attentive. As one person said, and I don’t think it was just metaphorically, sit on the edge of your seat. Be very present. Some people sit back and let the interview come to them, but the idea was, know that you need to assert some control over the agenda of your initial interview … The interviewer is going to ask the questions, but you’re providing the answers and those answers provide you the way to highlight your strengths and the reasons why you should be hired. So an interview is not a passive process, but an active one.”

Career Challenge

“One of the things you typically do over the two summers that you’re in law school is you go work for a law firm or go work in some kind of entry-level law job. And I went to go work for a big firm. And I was very cocky at the time … and I didn’t work that hard that summer. I kind of took it for granted that I was going to get a job offer from them. And then at the very end of the summer, they called me to say they weren’t going to give me a job offer, that I had failed my trial run. And I remember the feeling of shame, of just being so humbled by the whole experience, and it really shaped my attitudes about how I should think about life and about going forward … That experience really taught me … when given an opportunity, you’ve got to work really hard and you’ve got to act like you think you’re not going to get the job.”


Legal Writing, Legal Research, Appeals

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