Marie Appel is the Manager of Analytics* at The Commit Partnership which has become the largest educational community-based collective impact organization in the U.S. as measured by either staff, by budget, or by total students supported (790,000+ ages 0 thru 22).  After growing up in a small town of 300 to becoming the first in her family to go to college (she went to Harvard on a scholarship), Marie Appel is a true believer in the power of good education.  She also learned from her own experience that in far too many communities around the U.S. there are few resources and little support for economically disadvantaged students.   Today Marie has taken her passion for learning and helping others realize their potential through education to the next level — teaching herself analytics by watching Youtube videos and taking additional coursework after she graduated from college.  In this episode, Marie talks about how young people can break into the field of education, beyond working as teachers or educators and what skills and life experiences are most useful to those with a passion for helping improve the field of education.

*Since Marie did this interview she was promoted to Manager Statewide Analytical Initiatives at The Commit Partnership.


  • How you can break into the field of education — other than being an educator/teacher
  • Why knowing to use Microsoft Excel will get you an A+ on any job interview in this field or many others
  • Why your major in college doesn’t really matter if you want to go into the field of education
  • Why you don’t need to get a Master’s Degree to succeed in this field, but if you do want one why you should consider getting an MBA
  • Why you need to become your own advocate — whether in education or any other field
  • How you can learn about job opportunities by checking out Leadership ISD
  • How you can learn about more job opportunities by checking out the Strive Together Network
  • Why you should seek out informational interviews to learn more
  • If you want to learn more about Marie’s current job and her career listen to T4C episode #12


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