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Columbia University

B.A., Political Science & Government



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“Remember, you’re writing for somebody else … You have to understand what they know about the subject you’re writing about and you have to be writing it understanding what their frame of reference is. You’re not writing it for yourself. You’re not writing it for the other journalists who went to the press conference with you or you compete with in the town. You’re writing for somebody whose base of knowledge you’re going to have to intuit and you’re going to have to be able to engage them and bring them into the story.”

Career Challenge

“When I just turned 23 … I was sent to Hong Kong to cover Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and the Philippines … One time, the most powerful and important company in Hong Kong [Jardine Matheson] reported its earnings … and I wrote an article. I put it out and I reported that they’d made a hundred million Hong Kong dollars profit. And the next morning … there was a copy of … the local newspaper and they had a story stripped across the front page ‘Jardine’s reports record loss.’ And I just felt this chill across my body because I realized I’d gotten it completely wrong. As I read the story, I realized I was reporting one number, which was not, in fact, their financial results … We corrected the story and that was the last I heard of it, except for I carried that around with me. I went back, I started talking to every company in Hong Kong about how to read company results. I used it as a learning opportunity.”


Journalism, New Media, Editing

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