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Colorado School of Mines

B.S. Environmental/Environmental Health Engineering



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Career Challenge

“After about six months of multiple interviews with frankly, mostly men like older men, I quickly realized that I don’t know if this city is the right market for a young female engineer and especially environmental engineering. Like they’re very industry heavy in, in Utah, which is awesome, but they just don’t have a lot of great environmental positions open. At least it didn’t when I was there. So, you know, six months of kind of just like putting out your resume, applying to multiple jobs a day, going to interviews, not getting the job, like wondering what you did wrong, like, you know, kind of questioning your entire career path of going to a good college and getting a good degree.”


Environmental Awareness, Environmental Compliance, Engineering, Energy, Technical Writing, Environmental Policy, Data Analysis, Renewable Energy, Public Speaking, Leadership, Teamwork

Professional Interests

Environmental Affairs, Renewable Energy, Colorado School of Mines, Ovintiv, Kion

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