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“There’s a difference between vision and perspective. We are all born with the gift of vision with eyes, but over time we may have to get glasses to be able to read words that are on a billboard or read words in a book. If you don’t have all the right set of lenses, you can read the right words and you’ve gotta be able to read what’s happening in front of you with the right set of lenses … It’s not easy. Every single different phase that you go through in your life is going to be a different kind of struggle that you’re going to have to learn something new. But if you can push through, if you can persevere, that’s what helps to get across.”

Career Challenge

“When the pandemic started, I got really afraid that it was 2008 all over again because here’s everything shutting down. My clients, they’re purpose-driven entrepreneurs, they run businesses, but they also do live events, and all live events stopped happening in March. And so it was a very scary time for me. I didn’t struggle necessarily financially. I struggled mindset-wise because I could have easily allowed it because I’ve lived through the 2008 recession. I know what that’s like. And I know I didn’t make a dollar for six months.”


Video, New Media, Digital Media

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Storytelling, Branding, Film

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