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B.A., Psychology and Music

Baruch College

M.B.A., Marketing



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“You have to be able to take raw data and turn it into something that’s usable. So whether that’s SQL or Python, even just knowing a little bit of the language and learning how to do this as an entry-level person, that’s table stakes.”

Career Challenge

I was laid off three times in a period of five that shattered my world view of jobs and work. I went from somebody who believes that organizations cared for me. My identity was my job, I’m tied up with what I do. And that was all shattered because of the fact that I was literally discarded from three organizations without a care in the world, metaphorical death … I have a personal brand that I have to make very clear with what my value as a person and as a worker. And I have to elicit that personal brand, no matter what I do … that has served me very well.”


Data Analytics, Consulting, Research

Professional Interests

Insights, Coaching, Teaching

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