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Brigham Young University

B.A., Exercise Science

Brigham Young University

M.A., Exercise Physiology

East Carolina University

Ph.D., Bioenergetics



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“It’ll work out. I was so scared. I was so uncertain and I wouldn’t for a million dollars to go back to that kind of uncertainty … I had no idea of how well it would work out professionally. But I do love my job.”

Career Challenge

“I started my Ph.D., I actually started at the University of Colorado Boulder and it ended up being a terrible experience. And at the end of that, an individual in this lab I was working with essentially told me, ‘Hey, you’re not cut out for science. You need to just quit.’ It was very direct and very disheartening … I was able to take that sentiment and scrutinized it and ask what is true about this sentiment and what is not true. And I simply rolled into another graduate program at ECU and it couldn’t be happier than it worked out the way it did.”


Scientific Research, Teaching, Writing

Professional Interests

Research of Metabolic Disorders, Physiology and Disease

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