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University of Delaware

B.A., Biology

John Hopkins University School of Medicine



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Get some research experience. So it can be tough at a high school level to get unpaid summer internships because there aren’t that many, but at the undergraduate level, you usually can do some research, get in the lab and even start washing glassware just to see how a lab works and see if that’s what’s good for you.”

Career Challenge

As a graduate student at John Hopkins, Art would sometimes be in charge of monitoring high powered freezers that stored important biological samples. Phone numbers were taped on the freezers in case something went wrong and the samples have to be moved. He remembers one weekend when he got the call, but he ignored it because he had conflicting priorities: 

“I go in on Monday, and my boss calls me into the office. There was nobody else around but me that weekend and everything in the freezer was basically destroyed and some critical things for another graduate student in the lab were just irretrievably lost. Her work was just gone, and of course, I felt terrible. And then there were tears on my part. And what I learned then is you have to be a good lab citizen.”

Professional Interests

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

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