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Brandeis University

B.A., History

Cambridge University

M.A., History


Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Find people who do jobs that you are interested in and reach out to them, whether it’s in an organization that you’re interning at or somewhere else, and not just reach out to them in a one way transactional exchange, but it’s a give and take.”

Career Challenge

“I got to Berlin and I was this kid. I probably looked even younger than 25, and I’m in Germany. Foreign correspondents were these distinguished gray haired men. And all of a sudden, I show up as the NPR correspondent and people, first of all, didn’t know what NPR was. Second of all, didn’t take it very seriously because they thought they’re sending this child here. And I was so nervous, I remember it was probably sometime in the first week, just throwing up, just being in my little apartment slash office and just being so terrified of failing everybody.”

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