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University of the Pacific




Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“You’re never going to advance on your own. You have to work with a team. Being able to lead a team is really what’s most important in career advancement.”

Career Challenge

I was at a work event for a theatrical movie called ‘Christmas with the Kranks’ in New York city. And we had a bunch of partners and we took over Central Park, and I partied too much. I was having such a great time, I was with my friends. I just drank too much and I partied too much. And it got noticed in the paper and there was a story about it. And my bosses literally had to pull me over the next day and asked and were concerned was I taking this too serious and was I okay. It woke me up. I decided that it’s all fun and games. I could enjoy it as much as everybody else, but I’ve gotta be extremely careful and extremely responsible. I’m there to work and not always just to have fun.”


Marketing Strategy, Branded Entertainment, Entertainment Marketing, Licensing, Brand Management, Intellectual Property, Market Research, Social Media, Digital Media, Broadcast Television, Advertising, Press Releases, Creative Direction, Strategic Alliances


Professional Interests

Clarke Murphy, Sony Pictures Entertainment, MRM, HBO, University of the Pacific

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