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George Leon is the CEO and founder of Cakewalk Entertainment, a full-service promotional marketing entertainment agencies which pushes entertainment properties and brands beyond the silver screen and into consumers’ everyday lives. With more than 25 years of experience, Leon is a one-of-a-kind specialist in global promotions and franchise development in the entertainment space. As EVP of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Leon pioneered a new franchise strategy by bringing promotions, consumer products, and product placement under one fully-integrated roof.  Today he carries that global-scale studio approach everywhere he goes to create tailor-made promotional campaigns that elevate world-renowned icons and innovate new brands.


  • How you should look for titles like ‘assistant’, ‘coordinator’ and explore temp services to break into this industry
  • Why your major in college doesn’t matter
  • How this is an industry in which you’ll always be learning
  • Why one of the most frustrating things you’ll deal with is industry politics
  • Why you should read What Makes Sammy Run to learn more about the movie industry
  • Why you should tune in to T4C episode #49 to learn more about what George does in his current job and how he built his career

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