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University of Missouri School of Journalism

B.J., Journalism

Harvard Business School




Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“If it were easy, everyone would do this. It’s supposed to be this hard. Never look for the easy way out but the right way in.”

Career Challenge

“[My friend] connected me to his agent and I had this idea for “Dressmaker,” but I really didn’t have it well formed. And I wrote to him so excited, and he wrote me back this rejection letter saying I do not see anything here that would become a book nor do I even see a nugget that has promise. And I felt like I had been gut punched. I had access to this incredible person who could’ve changed my career, my life. And he just basically hit 0 on the judge meter.”


Emerging Markets, Strategic Communication, Business Strategy, International Relations, Management Consulting, Venture Capital, Social Media, Journalism, Nonprofits, Social Entrepreneurship, Editing, Public Speaking, Management


Professional Interests

Mohamed El-Erian, Alan Murray, Harvard Business School, Council on Foreign Relations, Esquire magazine, Aid Funded Business Opportunities

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