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Florida State University

B.F.A., Theatre



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Do whatever it takes to fully accept where you are right now today, because that is the lens through which you will see everything, your past and your future.”

Career Challenge

“I had spent nine months making the videos, building the backend technology, creating a CRM platform for our customers. And we had done two or three months of marketing, all leading up to the intro call. And it was going to be this big call with people from all over the world. I was going to introduce my new baby and have this course, it was going to be this big launch, cut to day, we get the call. There’s maybe 23 people on the call. Two of them signed up for the course. I remember I came home and I cried to my husband… I was hurt, but then I just got back in the saddle the next day and I went back to work and I kept on keeping on because I really truly believe in the power of these tools.”


Meditation, Teaching, Performance Improvement, Wellness Coaching, Product Development, Entertainment, Video Production, Social Media Marketing, Health & Wellness, Stress Management, Public Speaking, Leadership, Guided Visualization, Ayurveda


Professional Interests

Google, TheStreet, Apple, Florida State University

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