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Emily Fletcher is founder of Ziva and the creator of the Ziva Meditation Technique, which combines mindfulness, meditation and manifesting to promote high performance. A former musical theatre performer on Broadway, Emily came to the practice of meditation when she realized that she’d achieved her dream of acting on Broadway, and yet she was miserable. She was experiencing extremely high levels of stress, and they showed on her body: she kept getting sick and injured, making it hard to perform; she even started going gray at 26; and she had chronic insomnia. It wasn’t until she began meditating that she was able to stop the harrowing effects this career-induced stress had had on her body. And the practice had fast results. In the first night after trying meditation, Emily slept through the night for the first time in 18 months. Since that fateful turnaround in her life, she decided to dedicate herself to sharing the practice of meditation with as many people as possible. Ziva meditation was the first company to offer online meditation training. Today, Emily is a new mom and an extremely successful CEO who leveled up her life thanks to just 20 minutes of meditation twice a day. Her new book, Stress Less, Accomplish More, is about the Ziva technique and its potential power to change human consciousness. The book comes out in February and can be preordered here.


  • Why you don’t need to ‘quiet’ your mind to do meditation
  • What is the difference between Mindfulness, Meditation & Manifesting
  • What is ‘deep healing rest’ and why can it be better than sleep
  • How you can have mind blowing sex from doing the 3 M’s
  • How long it will take you to clear out old stresses and anxieties from your nervous system
  • How Emily built Ziva, her online meditation company
  • Why you should read Stress Less, Accomplish More (pre-order now, it comes out February 19, 2019)
  • Why you should take the online Ziva mediation course which will change your life!

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