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You will never make it until you have a team.”

Career Challenge

“I said, ‘dad, where are you going?’ And my father turned around, walked back to me, crouched down to be as close to eye-level as he could, put a fake smile on his face, he touched me on one shoulder and then on the other shoulder and then ruffled my hair as if to knight and said, ‘I’m going now, you’re the man of the house’…That was transformative because I knew in that moment that I was inadequate for the job, but that inadequacy drove me.”


Leadership, Public Speaking, Leadership Development, Management Consulting, Succession Planning, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Team Leadership, Presentation Coaching, Podcaster, Interviewing

Professional Interests

Randi Zuckerberg, Joel Peterson, Oprah Winfrey, Amazon, Harvard Business Review, Time Inc., Keynote Speakers & Training Professionals, Vancouver Leaders, Equity at Work Social Room (#EquityatWork), Iran University of Science and Technology, University of Cambridge, Higher Education Institution of Iranian Banking

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