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B.S., Computing Science



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“Spend time investing in relationships. I always told university students and college students, start building your network now.”

Career Challenge

“My last six months in corporate … I lost who I was. I was physically in an office, but I was not doing anything. I just lost myself. I rediscovered myself in an area I never thought I would in that field of entrepreneurial-ism Just by immersing myself in things which I never really bothered to learn. You know, things like relationship, building, things like networking, things like developing a sales strategy or saying, well, what would be my product offering or service offering, actually having a sales call. I never had a sales call before. Becoming an entrepreneur, trying to close the deal. I’ll never forget the rush when I got my first client by just learning so much about that and learning that I love public speaking and speaking to others, I love to invest in relationships.”


Advising, Managing, Sales, Coaching

Professional Interests

Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking

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