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Dominic Vogel is a cybersecurity risk advisor and founder and CEO of CyberSC. CyberSC is an “on demand” advisory firm that helps startups as well as small and medium-sized businesses meet their cybersecurity needs. Among the industries supported by CyberSC are: financial services, logistics, legal, transportation, healthcare, telecommunications, government and communications. Dominic also co-hosts the Cyber Security Matters Podcast, which launched in 2019 and digs into all things cybersecurity. Dominic graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2008 with a BSc. in Computer Science.


  • Why the rate of cyber attacks has gone up 300% since 2020 (4:30)
  • What are the different kinds of cyber attacks (7:28)
  • Why CyberSC only works with smaller organizations vs Fortune 500s (11:08)
  • What are malicious insiders and accidental insiders and why are they dangerous (13:50)
  • How two-factor authentication can help protect your online information (17:26)
  • Why does a gender/race gap still persist in cybersecurity (19:30)
  • How a cybersecurity magazine inspired Dominic’s career (22:14)
  • What certifications/resources are the most useful for someone interested in cybersecurity 
  • Why to check out and (24:18)
  • How Dominic was able to overcome doubts about his career and become an entrepreneur (28:35)
  • Why becoming more well rounded and networking while in college would’ve helped Dominic earlier in his career (32:42)

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