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Marquette University

B.S., Mechanical Engineering



Career Path

Interview Highlights

Best Career Advice

“When you’re in your twenties, use that as an opportunity to gain a lot of experiences, figure out what you’re good at, fall on your face a couple times cause you’ll learn a ton from that as well. And just try to absorb as much as you can during that period of your life.”

Career Challenge

“It was probably about two years of reflection where I’m going through the motions of my job, thinking I’m doing well at work, but there’s something missing. and I don’t think someone’s going to hand it to me. I think I’m going to have to create it myself. It’s about the same time you started seeing influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk and a lot of other people doing videos on the internet. And I’m like my industry doesn’t have videos, what’s stopping me from creating that? That’s when I popped up my iPhone on a selfie stick, propped it up on some books and filmed by first video and sent it out to some mentors…I think it’s always good to be reflecting on where you’re at in your career and the experiences you’re getting out of work.”


Leadership, Strategy, Solution Selling, Project Management, Engineering, Sales Operations, Marketing, Business Planning, Automation, Social Media, Management, Podcasting, Contract Negotiation, Video, Business Development


Professional Interests

Tony Robbins, Eric Ries, Gary Vaynerchuk, Cisco, PTC, Flex, Inspiring Controls and Automation, PACK EXPO, WBSRocks: Business Growth with ERP and Digital Transformation, De Smet Jesuit High School, Marquette University, The Commons

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