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“When someone says go chase after what it is you really want, the hardest part is actually getting through your own mind. You can find every reason why you can’t do something. ‘Oh, I’ve got bills. I’ve got debt, I’ve got this. I just didn’t feel like the right timing.’ But you will always have those reasons in your life and to go get something is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but it’s the only way to start teaching yourself life skills that you’re never going to get in school.”

Career Challenge

“I spent the last year trying to write a book proposal for what I wanted my next book to be and analytically, I was mentally okay, but creatively, I was struggling. And I’m a creative person. I grew up playing guitar and exploring all forms of art. And it was just frustrating that I couldn’t create this proposal to be something that was so compelling and approachable… And I realized, wow, I hadn’t even noticed right under my nose that I was suffering and producing less quality work than I needed to keep up and to still be relevant.”


Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Strategy, Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, Start-ups, Advertising, Digital Media, Web Analytics, Content Management, Analysis, Online Research, Journalism, Publishing, Consulting, Public Speaking, Leadership, New Media

Professional Interests

Gary Vaynerchuk, Satya Nadella, Guy Kawasaki, Adobe, Salesforce, TED Conferences, _by Design, Social Media Marketing Group by, Ad Age BtoB

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