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Brian Solis is a Digital Analyst and Digital Anthropologist at the Altimeter Group and left college before graduating so that he could pursue his passion. He had always been interested in technological advancements and their influence over both businesses and individuals, so he decided to combine them into one job description.  He studies the trajectory of disruptive technologies and evaluates how they will affect humans and their businesses. He has written numerous books on the subject– most recently X: The Experience When Business Meets Designas he hopes to spread the word to the public about the future of tech.  This short interview (the longer interview w/ Brian about his job and career is episode #29) with Brian will give you all the quick tips you need to get a jump start on a career in the disruptive tech field. Brian has many job titles as well as specialties in the tech industry, which we dive into in the main interview with him, so stick around if you’re interested. Right now, though, he just wants to help you get on a path to success in the ever evolving and intricate world of technology. Want to know how you can have the chance to work with AI and robots later in your career? Well, press Play now so you can get a start in the tech industry that may involve a lot of amazing changes very soon.


  • What a futurist is and the role the ideology plays in technology
  • Why getting an entry-level job in the tech industry isn’t as hard as you think it is
  • Why you really need to hone your critical analysis skills and being self-aware
  • Why what you major in (if it’s not tech related) won’t prevent you from getting hired in the tech industry
  • What the best and worst thing is about the tech industry and why it is the same thing
  • What is some simple and helpful advice to be successful in the tech industry or really any industry
  • If you want to learn more about Brian’s current job and his career listen to T4C episode #29


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