Hannah Braaten has read her way through the publishing industry all the way to the top where she works as Editor at St. Martin’s  Press. Hannah discovered her love for publishing at Wellesley College– where she initially thought she would pursue a career in politics– but switched to English after taking a class with an incredible English professor.  She’d always loved book stores and in fact, worked in them during high school and college.  So when she graduated in 2011, armed with her B.A. in English and a minor in Psychology, and a couple of internships at Bloomberg and The Paris Review, Hannah took the Columbia Publishing Course which helped her land an entry-level job at St. Martin’s Press weeks later.   Seven years later Hannah is an Editor where she’s editing dozens of exciting books with unique perspectives including one by a co-host of the new Queer Eye show, Tan France!    Press play on this audible that will give you an insider’s perspective on what it’s really like to work inside one of the big 5 publishers. 


  • How to break into the publishing industry and what it’s really like on the inside
  • What all the titles mean:  for example, an associate editor vs. assistant editor?
  • How to network when you’re an introvert and kind of shy
  • What it takes to work your way up the chain from an entry-level position to become an Editor 
  • What an editor at a top 5 publishing house actually does day-in day-out
  • Why a good editor doesn’t make a good writer and vise versa
  • How the publishing industry is thriving and can be a great place to build your career
  • Why you should consider taking the 6-week long Columbia Publishing Course if you’re really interested in breaking into publishing
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