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Life Coach Lauren Zander makes Time4Coffee to teach Java Junkies that it’s not just about what you want out of life, but how you get there as well. Lauren is the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel Group, an international consulting and life coaching company that prides itself in improving its client’s personal and professional lives. She also developed the Handel Method, which is taught in over 35 educational institutions around the world including MIT, NYU, Stanford, and the New York City Public Schools. Using the knowledge gleaned from years of coaching, Lauren penned the highly acclaimed book Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face your Fears, Love your Life, a no-nonsense manual to getting what you want out of life. After graduating from George Washington University with a degree in Environmental Studies, Lauren realized the importance of doing and learning what you love rather than what seemed practical. Today she shares this wisdom with you!

InnerU: The digital coaching course from Lauren Zander and Handel Group. Try life coaching on your own time, from whatever setting you choose! Use coupon TIME4COFFEE75 for $75 off your subscription at checkout! InnerU.Coach
Current Reality Quiz: What’s your life like? Sucky? Sexy? Somewhere in between? Take the Current Reality Quiz, a quick, easy, and fun (we swear) way to self-assess and get a better idea (or at least an honest one) on what areas of your life you need to work on. 


  • What does a Life Coach do, anyway? (3:19)
  • The importance of giving yourself the authority to dream BIG (5:13)
  • How to find balance in your love life (6:00)
  • Why building relationships in college are just as important (if not more important) as your classes (17:48)Why you don’t need to be a procrastinator (24:36)
  • Why yesterday’s lie could be holding you back today (30:55)
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