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Aneesh Raman is the head of strategic communications at LinkedIn. Prior to LinkedIn, he worked as the senior advisor for economic strategy and public affairs for California governor, Gavin Newsom. Aneesh’s two-decades long career has spanned journalism, politics and tech.  He began his post-graduate career at CNN and eventually became an on-air correspondent working in Iraq and southeast Asia.  He then moved into politics and worked in the Obama administration as a speech writer.  After leaving the administration he spent a couple years at Facebook, working as head of economic impact.  Aneesh graduated with a B.A. in Government from Harvard University in 2001. 


  • What Aneesh does as head of strategic communications at LinkedIn (9:43)
  • What is the “Great Reshuffle” and how it affects students (12:13)
  • How Aneesh uses the campaign approach in his everyday work (14:22)
  • Why you should be a doer (17:15)
  • When Aneesh knew he wanted to be a White house correspondent (22:07) 
  • Why Aneesh took a big risk by quitting CNN (32:27)
  • Why you should be deliberate in developing your network (35:18)
  • How Aneesh prepared as an Obama administration speech writer (39:59)
  • Why you should embrace mistakes (45:15)
  • Why Aneesh loves failure (49:57)
  • Why you should focus on what you want to do instead of who you want to be (53:29)
  • Why you will need to keep learning after college (51:12)

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