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AJ Eckstein is a product marketing campaign manager at Accenture where he’s worked since September 2021. He is also the founder of The Final Round and host of The Final Round podcast, whose mission is to democratize fun, high quality, and tailored career advice. Shortly after graduating from USC in May 2020, AJ founded The Career Coaching Company, which is a startup that helps students and young adults land their dream internships and jobs through tailored one on one coaching sessions. During his time at USC’s Marshall School of Business, AJ revitalized and led the Latino Business Student Association as its President. He is also a LinkedIn Learning instructor. 


  • Why you should focus on your professional journey (4:18)
  • What AJ’s does in his current role at Accenture (7:35)
  • How AJ manages imposter syndrome as a 20-something (10:40)
  • Why any consultant’s workday “depends” (14:35)
  • How AJ networked his way into a fellowship (19:47)
  • What internships you should go after in school (26:13)
  • How COVID effected AJ’s career after graduation in May 2020 (33:57)
  • What inspired AJ to create The Final Round (38:54)
  • Why you should change your application strategy for jobs (49:09)
  • Why anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing (57:36)
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