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David Kotowski is the CEO and founder of Sports Business Networks also known as SBN, which is a network of current and former athletes, who help each other be the best they can be. He is also the founder of Elevate Sports and Marketing LLC, a consulting firm focused on sports and entertainment.  Since he graduated from college, David has led successful careers in finance, strategic business consulting, and sports marketing. David began his post-grad career as a government bond and interest rates swap specialist at the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation. He then moved on to Merrill Lynch as a Vice President and Senior Financial Consultant.  He credits his professional success to the fact that he played three Division 1 sports at Brown University where he got a B.A. in Organizational Behavioral Management. 


  • How David received the Thomas J. Watson Scholarship (3:44)
  • Why David’s lifelong relationship with Mr. Watson changed his life  (5:44)
  • What sports David played at Brown University (8:10)
  • How playing team sports can help you in a corporate environment (10:39)
  • How David got his first job (11:53)
  • How David identified a “gap” that skyrocketed his career (15:07)
  • How David built his business at Merrill Lynch (16:19)
  • How Mr.Watson helped David on his career switch (25:37)
  • What is SBN’s mission (33:29)
  • How David’s dishonest business partner helped him learn a valuable lesson (36:41)
  • What advice David would give his younger self (38:40)

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