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Renee Reid is the lead identity, reputation, and consumer flagship initiatives UX Design Researcher at LinkedIn. Prior to working at LinkedIn, Renee was a user experience researcher at CareerBuilder where she worked for a little over six years. She has had an array of different professional experiences, from working as a senior project manager at Honeywell to hostessing at Buca di Beppo. In 2020, Renee launched her own podcast, Tech Wrap Queen Podcast, which focuses on tech, design, and culture.  Renee earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from Savannah State University, and a master’s in human-computer interaction and design from UC Irvine. 


  • What Renee’s job as a UX Design Researcher entails (1:05)
  • What entry-level positions are available for people interested in going into UX Design Research (2:45)
  • How important your major/education level is for getting into Renee’s profession (8:00)
  • What life experiences will give you a leg up when starting out in UX Design Research (15:10)
  • What the best part of Renee’s job is (17:20)
  • What has been the hardest part of adapting to change in her job because of COVID-19 (19:50)
  • How the aspect of newness that comes with Renee’s industry makes her job more exciting (25:00)
  • If you want to learn more about what Renee does as a UX Design Researcher at LinkedIn and how she built her career check out T4C interview #608.

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