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Jonathan Tesser is the Vice President of Research and Insights at NYC & Company*, New York’s official tourist agency. His day job is to collect consumer data on domestic and international tourists to NYC so his company and member organizations can better market to them. But John’s passion lies in his alter ego as the “Career Whisperer” to young professionals. As a person who’s had 10 jobs in nine different companies over the years, Jonathan has a lot of insight on how to get a job, and not just any job, but a job in the career you want. Jonathan is also a Linkedin content creator with just under 150,000 followers, so give him a follow if you want advice on how to get hired. John graduated in 2001 from Tufts University with a B.A. in psychology and music. 

*Shortly after our T4C interview Jonathan moved to the Cashmere Agency where he is the Director of Cultural Sciences.


  • Why your major doesn’t matter if you want to get into digital marketing (3:53)
  • Why being able to communicate with lots of different people is imperative to your success (7:10)
  • What three hard skills Jon looks for when hiring employees (8:01)
  • Why Jon doesn’t prefer candidates who major in marketing (10:03)
  • What interests someone who wants to get into marketing should explore  (12:25)
  • How getting people to care about what you have to say is the hardest part of marketing (15:00)
  • What three books Jon recommends you read: To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, Influence, New and Expanded: The Psychology of Persuasion, and How to Win Friends & Influence People (17:06)
  • How digital marketing is not as glamorous as the media portrays (18:54)
  • If you want to learn more about Jonathan’s current job and how he built his career check out T4C episode #878

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