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Jimmy Hickey is the owner and co-founder of Findlay Hats, a Portland-based action hat company known for its patented stampede lace. Jimmy launched Findlay Hats out of his living room in 2013 with the help of his then-girlfriend. At the time, Jimmy was working as a photographer and was looking for a project to fill the dry winter months. The brand quickly grew and has moved out of Jimmy’s living room and into a warehouse with over 15 employees.  Although he hasn’t had a formal business education, Jimmy has successfully transformed Findlay Hats into a seven-figure brand.  Jimmy attend Seattle Central College where he studied commercial photography. 


  • What entry-level jobs are available for people interested in entrepreneurship (4:40)
  • What qualities are most important to cultivate (9:00)
  • Whether your major matters (11:30)
  • Why travel is an underrated experience to have  (14:50)
  • What you may have to give up to start a business (20:00)
  • What Jimmy’s best career advice is and why (22:10)
  • Why to read: This is Not a T-Shirt and Shoe Dog by the creator of Nike (28:30)
  • Why Jimmy pays himself the lowest salary (30:30)
  • If you want to learn more about what Jimmy does as the founder and ceo of Findlay Hats and how he built his career check out T4C episode #554

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