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Emily Cunningham is the senior business program manager at Lyft,* dedicated to building workplace culture. She is also a member of the board of directors at ColorStack, a group that works towards increasing the entrance, retention and success of Black and Latinx students going for technical careers. Previously, Emily worked as a senior business program manager at Microsoft and as a technical recruiter for LinkedIn. Emily graduated from Howard University in 2012 with a B.A. in economics.

*Since our interview with Emily she’s moved to Square as a Program Manager, Talent Enablement.


  • What program management is (4:32)
  • What transferable hard and soft skills are useful in program management (6:54)
  • How you can go into program management from any major (8:45)
  • Why program management is so fulfilling (12:55)
  • How program management can resemble a group project in class (14:03)
  • How if you prove your value, the rest will follow (15:43)
  • Why a chief of staff in a show like House of Cards is like program management (16:38)
  • How much power you have as a program manager (17:54)
  • If you want to learn what Emily does as a senior business program manager and how she built her career check out T4C episode #796

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