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Courtney Spaeth is the founder and CEO of growth[period], which helps federal agencies and private sector companies achieve smart growth through goal-oriented business development. Among their clients: Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Genesis, Stanley Black & Decker, and more. Prior to founding growth[period] in 2007, Courtney served as Corporate Vice President of Homeland Security for Raytheon Company, a defense contractor and industrial corporation where she helped develop the company’s homeland security business in North America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. In less than two years, her efforts resulted in new revenue of over $1 billion. Before Raytheon, she worked as Director of Homeland System Solutions for Lockheed Martin. Courtney graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in military history. 


  • Why the ability to write well and the ability to listen and be self aware are critically important skills (4:54)
  • Why your major isn’t a deciding factor if you want to get into business development (6:06)
  • How grit in overcoming adversity and tough problem solving actually makes you stand out (7:43)
  • How being able to help others solve tough problems is the best part of her job (8:39)
  • Why being told not to take no for an answer if there’s no legitimate rationale behind it was the best career advice she ever received (11:21) 
  • How popular series Scandal, The Profit and Madam Secretary give viewers a glimpse into what her job is life (14:36)
  • Why Java Junkies would be surprised to learn that business development isn’t about sales  (15:54)
  • If you want to learn more about what Courtney does as CEO of growth[period] and how she built her career tune in to T4C episode #467

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