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Elisabeth Rodgers is an award-winning actress and audiobook narrator, and longtime resident of New York City. She has worked both on stage and behind a mic as a narrator in her prolific career. Her work has been featured on multiple end-of-year lists for audiobook narration. Elisabeth has also picked up many more skills, including stage fighting, period dancing, singing, and mastery of various accents. After graduating from Princeton, where she majored in English and theatre, Elisabeth moved to the Big Apple, where she has lived for most of her professional life. Listen to this episode of T4C to learn more about how Elisabeth broke into narrating audiobooks and what it’s really like to be a narrator! 


  • Where you should start if you want to record audiobooks (3:34) 
  • How to tell if you’d be good at audiobook recording (6:09) 
  • Why dedication and passion are so important in this industry (8:51)
  • How staying well-rounded can help your career (11:00)
  • What are the benefits of having a masters degree (12:21)
  • What it’s like to freelance in this industry (13:07)
  • How to embrace what makes you unique (17:18) 
  • How A Mid-Winter’s Tale accurately depicts her job (19:13) 
  • Why to read the free Kindle version of: Audiobook Narrator: The Art of Recording Audio Books by Barbara Rosenblat
  • If you want to learn more about what Elisabeth does as an audiobook narrator and how she built her career check out T4C episode #402


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