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Ben Kiker is the founder of the Ben Kiker Group, which offers business, executive, and recovery coaching. Ben works 1:1 with top performers and with organizations to identify the roadblocks standing in the way of their respective transformation. He also helps them develop a plan that incorporates his Six Essentials to Get Shit Done (GSD) to ensure successful outcomes.  Ben founded BKG after a 30 year career in marketing for technology companies in Silicon Valley, most recently working as a Chief Development Officer for SpringCM (acquired by DocuSign)Jive Software and Interwoven.  Ben attended Southern Methodist University but dropped out after his first year to pursue his career. 


  • What entry level positions are available to young people looking to GSD
  • Why you should start off your career in an entry-level position in any industry that put you into contact with customers 
  • Why storytelling and taking people on a journey is essential in marketing and business
  • Whether your major matters to break into the marketing industry
  • What life experiences have the biggest impact on marketing
  • Why you should check out the movie Jerry Maguire 
  • How to learn more about The Ben Kiker Group Inc. 
  • If you want to learn more about what Ben does at TBK and how he built his career listen to T4C episode #219

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