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Brett Bergen is a financial planning and analysis professional for the United States Navy, working for Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). When he first started with the Navy in 2010, he was responsible for working with a technical and business leadership team in the financial planning, analysis and execution of a multibillion dollar budget for U.S. Navy acquisition programs across multiple fiscal years. Additionally, Brett channels his passion for education into an organization he founded in 2015: The Wiseman Institute. The course has taught over 5,000 students in 123 countries how to crush their online classes. Brett got a 2009 from the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State in Finance and Industrial Psychology. 


  • What entry level jobs are available to work for the U.S. Navy as a civilian (4:25)
  • How COVID has affected the hiring process for the Navy (7:42)
  • Why communication skills are crucial to work at NAVSEA (8:30)
  • Why your major is only important to go into engineering (9:30)
  • How the government can help pay for your undergrad or graduate school degree (10:56)
  • What life experiences you absolutely need (15:18)
  • Why you should watch Carla Harris’ Ted Talk about how to get a sponsor at work (19:50)
  • Why Zero Dark Thirty really portrays his work’s culture (20:44)
  • The most surprising thing about his profession (22:31)
  • Why you should listen to T4C episode #522 to learn more about what Brett does at NAVSEA and how he built his career

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