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Ladan Davia is the CEO and Founder of BEEYA, a meta-search engine and employee matching platform that has partnerships with Zip Recruiter, Indeed and Nexxt.  She graduated from Chapman University in 2014– yes, 2014– with a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. Ladan’s dream, or so she thought, was to become a hard news reporter.  Fortunately, she realized before she graduated the lifestyle wasn’t for her. After landing a job at Entertainment Tonight she decided to scrap the TV thing altogether. It wasn’t until she started searching for another job online that Ladan realized something was missing. She spent hours browsing multiple job search sites and still couldn’t find a good fit for her professional interests.  Instead, she got recommendations for jobs to be a gardener or nanny. So, being the bad-ass 20-something that she is, Ladan decided to do something about it! She decided to use DATA to match job seekers with the jobs they actually want. What a concept, right? With her past experience as a co-founder of the test prep company Excelerate Test Prep and the help of some engineers, Ladan founded Beeya in 2015.  So, press PLAY and learn how you can search for the jobs you WANT or even start your own business in your 20’s!


  • What are the valuable internships/entry level jobs that can help you get break into the entrepreneur space
  • What are the basic skills you need to be a competitive candidate in any hiring process
  • Why starting a business is almost as valuable as earning an MBA
  • Why networking is simpler than you think and how you should use it to your advantage
  • What are the books that can help you take your business idea from your brain to your desktop
  • Why you need to make some sacrifices to get a business off the ground
  • Listen to Ladan’s full T4C episode #10:  How to Become a CEO in Your 20’s w/ Ladan Davia, CEO of Beeya

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