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Siji Onabanjo is the chief growth officer at Cyber-Duck, a digital transformation agency in London. He leads the client services, new business and marketing departments as well as guiding the overall strategic direction of the agency. Over the years, Siji has won many accolades including:  Account Handler of the Year at the Wirehive Awards, BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) as among the most influential people in the digital industry and named as one of the leading business development professionals by BD100 and founded The Digital Pond, which has now grown to become one of London’s largest free-to-attend digital meetup communities.  He graduated from the University of Bath in 2011 with a B.S. in Business Administration. 


  • What entry-level jobs are available to young people who are interested in breaking into business development and sales (6:37)
  • What hard and soft skills employers in digital marketing are looking for (9:46)
  • How important your major is in getting hired in this field (14:21)
  • What are some useful life experiences to help you stand out in an interview (20:06)
  • What the highs and lows of Siji’s job include (22:36)
  • What Siji’s best career advice looks like (26:47)
  • What are some surprising facts about the digital marketing industry (32:05)
  • Why to tune into Siji’s main T4C episode #775 to learn more about what he does in his current role and how he built his career

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