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Corey Rosen is a visual effects artist, writer, storytelling coach and actor who has been involved in the production of dozens of movies, including multiple Star Wars films, Mission Impossible, A Christmas Carol and Ted. Corey has also hosted over 100 live storytelling events for The Moth Radio Hour since he won the Bay area’s first Moth StorySlam in 2014. He also performs improv at BATS Bayfront Theater in San Francisco. Corey has written and directed television commercials and Emmy-winning short films. In addition, Corey has written for Comedy Central, Jim Henson Productions and Lucas Film and currently serves as a creative director at Tippett Studio and is an on-air personality for Alice Radio’s “The Sarah and Vinnie Show.” He graduated from Northwestern University in 1994 with a B.S. in Radio, TV and Film. 


  • Why you should take a look at and LinkedIn if you want to work in Corey’s industry (5:35)
  • What does Corey do as a visual effects artist (7:39)
  • Why Corey encourages students interested in becoming visual effects artists to use their eyes and look at the world around them (10:30)
  • Why you don’t necessarily need to major in film production to become a visual effects artist (12:33)
  • Why a graduate degree is useful if you want to work on the programming side of visual effects (14:24)
  • Why it’s important to be curious and have an interest in how to make something work when you’re a visual effects artist (17:48)
  • Why you should watch the behind-the-scenes footage of how animated movies are created (28:49)
  • What is the process of creating an animated character, such as Jabba the Hutt (31:18)

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