April Rinne is a global citizen in every sense of the word — she is an adventurer, a lifelong learner, and an inspiration to those around her through her global ethos and mindset. She has helped startups, policymakers, and even international organizations identify social and economic trends and become more responsible as a result. Although April’s experienced a great deal of obstacles and challenges in her life, her work and life have brought her deep satisfaction and joy because they’ve truly bridged borders and boundaries. A self-proclaimed travel junkie who ‘belongs to the world’, April works in more than 20 countries each year and has some incredible career advice every Java Junkie should hear. Spoiler alert:  April believes (and has the data to prove it) that the days of staying at one company, or in one career your entire life, are behind us. So grab your mug and take a chug, and get ready to the world as you know it flipped upside down!


  • How the future of ‘work’ is not linear, but actually more like a Japanese Bento Box!
  • Why you’ll likely spend only 13 months in each job
  • What are the three skill ‘buckets’ you should focus on developing
  • Why you need to develop your IQ, EQ, and… DQ (digital intelligence!)
  • What is General Assembly and why it’s another way to hack your way through your career (with or without college)
  • Why you should check out Skillshare to explore tons of classes you could take (if you’ve already graduated)
  • What does it really mean to be a global citizen and why does that matter
  • What questions you should ask yourself before considering going to graduate school
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