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Elizabeth Morgan is the current senior social media program manager for iCIMS, one of the leading services in cloud-based recruiting softwares. Prior to joining iCIMS in April 2021, Elizabeth was a recruiter for Google for 3 years. She has amassed a LinkedIn following of over 60,000 people where she posts daily content offering career advice. Besides creating career-centered content, Elizabeth also runs a polymer clay earring business on Etsy. She graduated in 2017 from Colorado State University with a B.B.A in Human Resources Management and Services.   


  • What entry level jobs are available to people who want to break into social media content production (4:26)
  • Why it’s important to tailor your resumé to fit the job you’re applying to (8:19)
  • Whether your major matters when going into either social media marketing or recruiting (12:29)
  • What experiences to seek out on and off campus to help you stand out to recruiters (18:33)
  • What are Elizabeth’s favorite things about marketing and recruiting (21:57)
  • What’s the best career advice Elizabeth has ever gotten (23:45)
  • Why the movie Emily in Paris accurately depicts the kind of marketing Elizabeth does (25:01)
  • What you’d be surprised to learn about marketing and recruiting (26:07)
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