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Liza Goodspeed is an Analyst at Accenture Strategy with a strong interest in the healthcare industry. During her time at Accenture (she started in August 2017) Liza has assessed the current state of a call center and assisted with designing a transformation strategy through agent observations, stakeholder interviews and analysis of call patterns, call types and FTE data.  The findings were then translated into several business cases with corresponding implementation charters and an integrated roadmap. Liza has also worked on things like patient access and revenue cycle transformation and clinical variation reduction strategies. She didn’t get interested in this field, until her senior year at the University of Pennsylvania, where she’d been pre-med and expected to go into medical school, not into the business world.  Liza graduated from U Penn in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Health and Societies and Healthcare Markets and Financing.


  • What a consulting company like Accenture does
  • What being an analyst at a company like Accenture entails day-to-day
  • How analysts take data and manipulate the information using Excel to help their clients
  • What pivot tables are and why they’re so important to your job as an analyst 
  • How mentors can be there for personal as well as career growth
  • How consulting can give you a really good sampling of a variety of industries
  • What the process of on campus recruiting is
  • How to prepare for on campus recruiting
  • How your extracurriculars can prepare you for your work life after you graduate
  • How your sorority or fraternity connections can help you in your job search
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