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Mark Metry, 21 years old, is nothing short of a prodigy. The child of Egyptian immigrants who moved to the US when he was a baby, Mark first became an entrepreneur at age 12 when he started a hit Youtube channel focused on the video game, Call of Duty.  Today Mark is the founder of VU Dream, a marketing agency focused on virtual reality and mixed reality worlds. He took to the internet at a young age to escape loneliness, and taught himself both the technical skills and management techniques to grow successful businesses. At age 15, he had created and was profiting from the world’s most popular Minecraft server, something he developed after simply playing the game and thinking he could improve on it. In addition to founding VU Dream, Mark also hosts the Top 100 podcast Humans 2.0, the aim of which is to help people conquer their inner demons and live a life free from mental and emotional setbacks. He became passionate about this after escaping his own self-proclaimed “socially anxious prison”. Wise beyond his years, Mark Metry joins us for an honest and insightful conversation about finding the life you want to live and how he hacked his way to professional and personal happiness.


  • How Mark came to start the most popular Minecraft server at the young age of 15
  • Why failure is manufactured by society, and how to break free from it
  • Why failing is the best thing that can happen to you
  • How community strategies in the internet gaming world can be applied to successful management in general
  • How Mark channeled his loneliness into building online platforms that made him a lot of money
  • How Mark came to understand, and break out of, the socially anxious prison he was trapped in
  • Why you should listen to the Humans 2.0 podcast

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