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Steven Kotler is a New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning journalist, and the Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective. He is one of the world’s leading experts on human performance. He is the author of ten bestsellers (out of thirteen books total), including The Art of Impossible, The Future Is Faster Than You Think, Stealing Fire, The Rise of Superman, Bold and Abundance. His work has been nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes, translated into over 40 languages, and appeared in over 100 publications, including the New York Times Magazine, Wired, Atlantic Monthly, TIME and the Harvard Business Review. Steven is also the cohost of Flow Research Collective Radio, a top ten iTunes science podcast. Along with his wife, author Joy Nicholson, he is the co-founder of the Rancho de Chihuahua, a hospice and special needs dog sanctuary.


  • Why Steven majored in creative writing (6:21) 
  • How Steven chose to pursue journalism after an interview with an advertising agency (8:15) 
  • How the punk rock movement influenced Steven’s desire to pursue magazine journalism (12:44) 
  • How Steven thinks young people should approach becoming successful (15:37)
  • What a passion recipe is and why young people should start creating their own (16:21)
  • Why passion must be visible from the front-end and the back-end of a goal (24:53) 
  • How you can use your “invisible skills” and strengths to your advantage (28:18) 
  • Why Steven’s interest in action sports inspired him to learn more about what’s    impossible (33:52) 
  • Why reading books is so important as a life hack (41:30) 
  • Why creativity is important in achieving the impossible (46:00) 
  • Why to check out
  • Why to check out

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