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Dominic Vogel is a cybersecurity risk advisor and founder and CEO of CyberSC. CyberSC is an “on demand” advisory firm that helps startups as well as small and medium-sized businesses meet their cybersecurity needs. Among the industries supported by CyberSC are: financial services, logistics, legal, transportation, healthcare, telecommunications, government and communications. Dominic also co-hosts the Cyber Security Matters Podcast, which launched in 2019 and digs into all things cybersecurity. Dominic graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2008 with a BSc. in Computer Science.


  • What entry level roles to look out for in cybersecurity (3:47)
  • How cybersecurity has evolved (6:04)
  • Why you need to be adaptable and a great communicator to thrive  (7:13)
  • Why liberal arts majors are more valuable in this field then traditional comp sci or tech majors (9:07)
  • Why psychology is a great major to explore while a Master’s Degree isn’t as important (10:50)
  • How having experience working on collaborative projects can be especially beneficial (13:09)
  • Why the ever-evolving structure of cybersecurity makes it such an enjoyable career (14:59)
  • Why networking is so important in this industry (20:06)
  • How Mr. Robot accurately portrays aspects of cybersecurity (20:40)
  • Why you don’t need to be a “hacker” to be good at cybersecurity (21:41)
  • Check out Dominic’s main T4C episode here


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