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Joel Forman is the founder of Clear Cut Consulting. He is a financial consultant whose mission is to educate people of all ages, but especially teenagers and young adults, about financial literacy so that they can manage their personal finances with confidence. His program Forman’s Financial Facts is a training platform to help people learn about eight basic financial concepts. Joel received his B.A. in accounting from Rutgers University.


  • Why Joel decided to start Forman’s Financial Facts (5:42)
  • What is the biggest mistake college students make with their finances (11:07)
  • How to build a personal budget (12:19)
  • What a personal budget needs to include (15:22)
  • What is a 401K and why new grads should get one  (17:19)
  • How to manage credit card debt (19:20)
  • How Joel was able to land his first job at Prudential (34:56)
  • How he persevered during a major challenge (36:51)


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