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Acacia Betancourt is the Senior Creative and UX Designer at GlobalGiving. She is responsible for the visual integrity and growth of the GlobalGiving brand, and uses her love of design to create awesome products in various mediums that resonate with the GlobalGiving audience. Prior to working at GlobalGiving, Acacia got a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona.  Upon graduation, and after an exhaustive job search, she found a job on the west coast working with brands like National Geographic, Newseum, WTOP, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Harry Potter Exhibition. After honing her branding, print, web, user experience, packaging, advertising, and video editing skills, Acacia joined the ranks of the nonprofit world to continue using her experience and expertise for good. When she’s not obsessing over fonts, she can be found kayaking, hiking, or buying yet another houseplant.


  • What a Senior Graphic Designer at GlobalGiving does on a daily basis
  • What the difference is between being a graphic designer as a consultant, freelancer, or being on a team at a company
  • How important is it to know how to code in this field
  • Why aspiring designers need to be even more particular about copy editing their resume and why your portfolio should include the work you really want to be doing
  • What skills are helpful to have in this line of work
  • Why it is crucial if you want to break into the design field to have a portfolio and how to build one while you’re still in school
  • How you will (and must) be constantly expanding your skills in the design field — you will never stop learning

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