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Marcus Chan is the president and founder of Venli Consulting Group LLC, which specializes in helping businesses, sales professionals, sales leaders, and literally anyone who is in sales SUPERCHARGE their results through their proven high performance training and coaching systems! Marcus is a super successful salesman who was named one of LinkedIn’s Top 8 Sales Experts to Follow 2021 as well as a Top Influencer to Follow by Salesforce. Before starting his own business, Marcus worked in B2B sales for several companies, including Cintas, a Fortune 500 company. His career in sales started off in high school with him selling… speedos at swim meets. Marcus graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s in marketing and Chinese and got his MBA in business administration from the University of Phoenix.


  • How Marcus started off his sales career selling speedos (3:34)
  • How Marcus was able to double the sales for his first minimum wage job (5:30)
  • Why being an ambivert is a helpful trait in sales (10:08)
  • What selling is in its simplest form (12:37)
  • Why Marcus took a big risk in his first job after college (15:10)
  • What are the key steps to take to get promoted (20:25) 
  • How Marcus has overcome imposter syndrome (29:19)
  • How Marcus made sales advising his side hustle (31:06)
  • Why Marcus wishes he invested money in doing Mastermind trainings when he was in college (41:17) 

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