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Martin McGovern is the founder and lead coach at Career Therapy, a company that helps people get unstuck in their career search. He also hosts the Career Therapy podcast, which explores the hidden side of modern work. Additionally, Martin offers the Unstuck in Six workshop that offers six hours of 1-on-1 workshops, six months of virtual career support and bi-weekly group coaching sessions. Martin’s background in marketing, working as an RA in college and his interest in cognitive behavioral psychology led him to career coaching You can also follow Martin’s LinkedIn where he does a daily morning show offering advice to those in search of jobs and interested in career coaching.


  • What entry level jobs are available for people interested in career coaching (2:29)
  • Why empathy is so important in career coaching (8:08)
  • Whether a person’s major matters to be a career coach (8:50)
  • Why overselling is a problem in job searches (10:58)
  • Whether you should invest in higher education (ex: masters, PhD) to become a career coach (12:58)
  • What he believes the best part is of being a career coach (17:55)
  • How everybody is just figuring out life at their own pace and Martin explains his 100 circle exercise (20:53)


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