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Ming Chen is the Chief Culture Officer at Education First, an international education company specializing in educational travel, cultural exchanges and language training.  She started out her career journey in sales working for Turner Broadcasting in Hong Kong before pivoting into on-air presenting on Star Television.  After a few years she returned to school to get her MBA from Harvard Business School.  Ever since graduating she’s worked at Education First and today runs its global marketing, branding and communications. Ming is also the co-author of three children’s books with her identical twin sister. Her most recent book is Escape: One Day We Had to Run.


  • What entry level jobs are available for people interested in for profit education (3:52)
  • What types of activities Education First runs (5:25)
  • Why Ming thinks sales is one of the most useful soft skills to have (6:23)
  • How to combine analytical ability with creativity (7:20)
  • What kind of life experiences are useful to get into for profit education(10:05)
  • What was the best career advice Ming has ever received (14:24)
  • Why to read the book Shoe Dog (15:49)


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